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Good game, but I really wish you'd add a mute option.

TheEnkian responds:

There is one.

This game is really well made!

I have some complaints with regards to the fishing minigame, however; having to mash the spacebar isn't a lot of fun and it can wear out one's keyboard. I think it would be better if reeling in the line involved spelling out words that appeared on screen, like with Typer Shark.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

What can I say about this game...The artwork is lovely, the animations fluid and organic. The gameplay could get a little repetitive at times (It would be nice if the sequel had towns, sidequests, etc) but it was otherwise quite entertaining. The voice acting was awesome, but the real gem in the crown was the music. I especially loved the music in the victory screen. It sort of reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender for some reason.

Before I start rambling, lemme just wrap up by saying I loved your game and hope to see more!

One problem

Please please give this a mute button

great game

somewhat puzzleing and a great time waster, i got into the 11% by accedent

parts of my talk with archon68

Archon68: If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
You: one that hits you
Archon68: How much would you pay for it?
You: if it hit you, anything
Archon68: I'm not sure I understand the implication of that.


You: answer the question about you being a computer or not
Archon68: What was the question? Oh yeah, we were talking about me being a computer.
You: aha so you admit to being a computer
Archon68: Interesting deduction. I admit nothing.
You: i know all
Archon68: How do you know? " Why do I exist?"? All?
You: to your questions to which i count 3, to adress the first i am god, for the second, for my amusement and the 3rd question which i do enjoy, yes, all.
Archon68: Why do you want to do it so much?
You: to do what
Archon68: " That's an interesting rationalization." to do what?
You: you answered my qustion with a question, that is the socradic method.
Archon68: I am a question-answering .
You: question answering what?
Archon68: Can you rephrase the question please?
Archon68: Suppose I did.


One of the most original and trippy submissions I've seen on here in a while, but If I were you I would have made it possible to pan about the screen.


this game and is fun......... i made a map where 2 princesses launch at the truetribute.

thank you lord

could this be? a sequile to the great game, thank you lord in heaven! the game has nice graphics and a good gameplay, i realy enjoyed the campain.

I know it's good, but

The back button (z) isn't working! WTF??!

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Make sure Caps Lock is turned off.

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