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Backstage at the Jonas Brothers concert

2008-07-13 00:11:05 by Bovineoverlord

They're the newest boy band craze to (s)hit the pop culture scene: The Jonas Brothers.

We've been seeing them everywhere, and ( unless you are a preppy dumbass, a girl ages 12 - 17 or both ) you are likely sick of them and wish they would die.

I decided to take out some of my frustration by writing this little story.

: Fight the power!

~ Backstage at the Jonas Brothers concert~

The Jonas brothers were playing the last song of their set. Thousands of teenage girls ages 12-17 jumped up and down, screaming at the top of their lungs, as their idols hopped around on stage.

"...I don't know what hurts worse baby/
Seeing you with him or being alone/
On my own..." Kevin Jonas sang the last few lines in his high pitched, girly voice.
The screaming coming from the audience rose to a deafening crescendo. "Thanks, it was great being here tonight!" They called out to the crowd, and exited.

Back in the dressing room, the boys were resting.
" Whew, that sure was one heck of a show. " Breathed Joe.

" I know." Said Nick. Rivers of sweat ran down his forehead, his cheeks red and hot. " God, i'm so hot and sweaty."

Joe's tiny dick hardened almost instantly. Quickly, he pulled off his trousers, took off his chastity ring, and placed it on his erect 4-inch penis. He did the same with Nick's ring. His throbbing erection gently entered Nick's tender pink asshole,and began to slowly thrust back and forth. Nick moaned as Joe's pink love rocket explored the warm, dark, damp tunnel of his colon. Joe started to speed up. Faster and faster he went at it, it was like there was a cockroach inside Nick's ass and he was trying to squish it with his penis.

Joe pulled out just as he was about to come, and turned Nick's head. Sploosh! He was so white, he looked like a ghost. A rather ectoplasmy ghost.

At that moment the eldest brother, Kevin, entered the room. "Don't leave me out of this," He exclaimed, " I want some, too!"

So, Kevin stripped off his clothes. The sight of Kevin's hairless, miniature package and undescended testicles gave Joe extraordinarily hard woody. He could feel his pulse coursing throughout his penis, which, having just been inside Nick's anus, was covered in shit. It looked like a chocolate mushroom, or a black man's tool, only not nearly as large.

Kevin went down on Joe. God, he was sucking it like a man dying of thirst in the desert. He slobbered and made out with Joe's dick, his tongue caressing the head and savouring the refreshing taste of shitcock. Joe pushed further in, and Kevin squealed in delight, pulling off the chastity rings with his tongue and swallowing them, washing it all down with some of Joe's refreshing man-milk.

" Ooh, I'm a diiirty boy," Joe hissed erotically to his brothers, " I need a nice, warm shower.."

Kevin and Nick went over to the dressing room sinks and each took a long drink of water. Nick went over to the mini-fridge and took out two stalks of asparagus. He quickly ate one and gave the other to Kevin, who did the same.

They whipped out their wee wee-wees and started to release the dragon all over Joe. Joe was in pure ecstacy. His wang was as hard as a prosthetic limb, and he was lovin' it like Mcdonalds. All he could think about was the pure bliss of warm, golden piss raining down on him, like blessed rays of liquid sunshine.

At that moment, Miley Cyrus walked in. She took off her shirt and bra, revealing her soft, supple young breasts, and cast off her jeans.
An audible WHOOSH sound was heard as Miley's cock came free. And it was huge. It had to be what, 7, maybe 8 inches flaccid?

Nick sat down as Miley squatted over him. Out came a spray of smelly, brown, nutty diaherrea.

Miley and the other two brothers went to town, licking the semen and liquefied shit off of Nick like he was a human ice cream cone. They licked him clean.

Miley rubbed her dick in the piss on the floor, and stuck it in Kevin's ass. Kevin put his little pintle inside Joe, who shoved it in Nick, who commenced making love to Miley's asshole. They were a
mantrain of four, moving in a circle. They were like this for a while, until Miley orgasmed. Up Kevin's
bunghole shot a wad of tranny semen. The sheer euphoria set off Kevin's gun, which made Joe and Nick cum.

Breathing hard, they slumped to the cum, shit, and piss covered floor.
" Best...concert...ever."


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2008-07-13 00:14:13

Too bad gay people aren't fit to be considered human, and should be executed without trial.


2008-07-13 00:14:22

That is a great story. You should get it published and put into a book. I would buy it.


2008-07-13 00:29:48

Wow, that is freaky.


2008-07-13 01:52:32

jonas brothers are a bunch of fags


2008-07-15 23:08:23



2008-07-26 21:52:08

eeeew wtf
i didn't read it all i read like the last few sentences and then realised ...well..yesh


2008-09-01 20:41:09



2008-09-17 02:14:00

erm... yay?


2008-09-30 10:00:30



2008-10-05 14:23:42

The jonas brothers were not born, they were manufactured by disney.


2008-10-12 20:27:04

can i just go ahead and say that was a waste of the LARGEST amount of time.


2008-10-13 16:18:15

But the Jonas Brothers are so epicly cool.


2008-10-18 04:47:49

LOL you're freakin funny


2008-11-17 21:23:15



2008-12-01 17:12:39


2008-12-09 16:24:11



2008-12-25 00:36:26



2009-02-04 22:32:43

Keepin it in the family.


2009-02-09 01:37:16

GROSS! THEY ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it made me laugh.


2009-04-09 23:23:47

Did you know that there are 8 species of badgers?


2009-05-30 15:57:55

haha the Jonas Brothers are soooo dreamy but they definately aren't gay


2011-08-07 13:52:48

I don't know why people are so worked up, that was a great story. Also 2011